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Red Diesel in Forestry, consultation response

The Timber Transport Forum has responded to a call for evidence on the use of Red Diesel.  This was looking for information on how red diesel is used, where and in what machinery.

The Forum response can be found here.


Rural Freight Survey

Please spare FIVE MINUTES to respond to this survey to tell us about your experience of freight transport in rural Scotland.
Transport Scotland’s Scottish Freight & Logistics Advisory Group (ScotFLAG) has set up a rural subgroup to review the degree to which the current, mainland transport infrastructure (road, rail & sea) meets the freight  transport needs of rural business and industry. The group wants to understand the freight transport challenges faced by rural business and industry, and identify what can be done to support meeting these challenges.    They hope to feedback the evidence gathered into the review of the National Transport Strategy which is currently underway.  This is a rare focus on rural freight issues so please respond. Any information provided will be amalgamated to protect confidentiality. 

Forum contributes to ScotFLAG subgroup

The Forum is involved in anew rural freight subgroup of Transport Scotland's ScotFLAG - Freight Logistics Advisory Group. The group is engaging with various rural freight intensive sectors to look at issues (particularly freight infrastructure issues) that affect the rural economy.

STTF increased for 2017

The Strategic Timber Transport Fund has been continued for 2017/18.  Scottish Government has recognised the growing concern on the condition of rural minor roads and the demands of the timber industry and has provided an additional £5m this year (total £7.85m (£7.05m STTS, £800k for Timberlink)). The available STTS funding will all be delivered through the existing STTS framework and rules.

Details of application rounds can be found on the FCS STTF webpages.


TTF attend Rural Parliament

The Timber Transport Forum will be attending the Rural Parliament in Brechin in October (6th-8th) to highlight the need for 21st Century Roads for 21st Century Landuses.  We hope to find common cause with other groups present at the Parliament.  

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