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North Yorkshire

Timber Transport in North Yorkshire

Trees and woodlands form a key component of the landscape across North Yorkshire with timber transport being vital to their long term sustainable management. North Yorkshire contains over 60,000ha of woodlands which represents two thirds of the Yorkshire and Humber total woodland area. This resource plays a significant role in supporting the rural economy as well as delivering a wide range of environmental, leisure and cultural benefits

Most timber transport in North Yorkshire is moved by road, and the road haulage industry is an important stakeholder in the timber industry.

The North Yorkshire Timber Freight Quality Partnership

The North Yorkshire Timber Freight Quality Partnership was created in 2003 in response to a recognised need to work in partnership to support the sustainable management of the regions woodlands.

The aim of the partnership is:

‘To support the contribution of the forestry and timber industries to the North Yorkshire economy by ensuring that timber industries can access the timber resource whilst seeking to minimise the impact on the public road network, on local communities and on the environment.'

The group meets twice a year or as required.

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