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Supporting timber on the move - your views sought

Scotland's Regional Timber Transport Groups are seeking your views as they assess the need for more investment in transport infrastructure, be this for public roads, in-forest links, rail, sea or other.  

Information is initally being sought to identify opportunities which could address three key scenarios: - 

  1. Specific infrastructure bottlenecks stopping timber flows (e.g. timber is landlocked due to extremely weak/non-existent roads where landing craft might be an option);
  2. Infrastructure difficulties resulting in timber only trickling out/being significantly restricted by limited frequency of loads;
  3. Infrastructure weaknesses that might impact on increasing timber flows

Further information can be found HERE, including a downloadable copy of the Excel spreadsheet which is being used to collate information; the spreadsheet includes notes for completion.

Responses are requested for no later than Sunday 25th November 2018.

Any questions can be directed to your Regional Timber Transport Group Officer or to Claire Glaister via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TTF attend Rural Parliament

The Timber Transport Forum will be attending the Rural Parliament in Stranraer in November (14-15th) to highlight the need for 21st Century Roads for 21st Century Landuses.  We hope to find common cause with other groups present at the Parliament.

Economic Contribution of Timber Transport

The FCS report on the Economic Contribution of Forestry to Scotland estimates that timber transport creates around 1200 full time jobs and is worth around £50m to the Scottish economy.

Shared Road Protocol Update

Shared Access on Forest Roads; a protocol

The Timber Transport Forum wishes to promote and encourage the sharing of forest roads in the public and private sectors as an alternative to using sensitive parts of the public road network. The Shared Access protocol provides details of what should be considered in developing agreements for shared access.  It has been updated in 2018 to include ancilliary infrastructure associated with forest roads.

Further Guidance on CAR and forestry activities

The Water Environment (Controlled Activities)(Scotland) Regulations 2011 (CAR, as
amended) apply to forestry projects. A revised CAR Practical Guide was published in February 2018 and it can be viewed here.

Further guidance (on the practical guide) in the form of Q&A related to forestry activities is provided here.


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