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Timber Transport Survey 2021

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During the first half of 2021 a GB-wide Timber Transport Survey was carried out by Creel Consulting Ltd. Ninety-four firms across Britain participated in the survey, which gathered data on truck type, numbers of trucks and employees, driver training requirements and other relevant data. The survey has provided our industry with some very useful information. The report and related documents can be downloaded via the link below. 

Alistair Speedie, Chair of the Timber Transport Forum, said:

"We have a thriving industry which has grown to meet the demand, and we must prepare for future years. Volumes of timber are set to increase as more timber becomes available, so we need to ensure, as an industry, that we are ready for this in a sustainable way."

App 1 TTF PRESS RELEASE Dec 20.pdf

App 2 Full Timber Transport Survey data 2021.pdf

App 3 Survey infographic summary 2021.pdf

App 4 Number of lorries and employees per company.pdf

TTF Timber Transport Survey Executive report May 2021.pdf

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