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Carbon Footprint of Timber Transport

You can find the Carbon Footprint of Timber Transport report here.

There is also a worksheet and a shorter information note

Timber Transport Conference 2021

Timber Transport Conference has been further postponed until the 25th of March 2022 and will be held at the North Lakes Hotel and Spa in Penrith with a dinner the evening before.  

Refresh of the Forest Exit Point Data

Exit Point Survey Scotland

Confor is refreshing the Timber Exit Point data for Scotland on behalf of the Timber Transport Forum throughout 2020.

The work is being done by the same ‘Scotland Timber Traffic Survey Syndicate’ team as in 2014, involving Claire Glaister, Jon Macdonald and Mark Page.

This exercise provides the timber transport groups with an indication of how much timber is forecast to come onto the public road network from more than 2500 forest entrances across Scotland.

The information is used by the regional timber transport groups at a strategic level to highlight where timber flows are expected in the coming years.  This allows the council to identify roads that are likely to need improved and to make the case for allocation of funding from council budgets.  It also highlights where there are gaps in the Agreed Routes Map.

The Forum uses the information to evidence the ongoing demand for Scottish Government funding to the Strategic Timber Transport Scheme. Over the last 15 years the scheme has allocated nearly £40m of grant support, to projects worth twice that amount. The funding aims to reduce the impact of timber transport primarily through infrastructure improvement.

The data collection exercise relies on voluntary submissions from the industry. Five years ago we reckon we received data for 74% of the forest area.  The target this time is 85%. Do please engage with the survey and respond as promptly as you can.

TTF attend Rural Parliament

The Timber Transport Forum will be attending the Rural Parliament in Stranraer in November (14-15th) to highlight the need for 21st Century Roads for 21st Century Landuses.  We hope to find common cause with other groups present at the Parliament.

Economic Contribution of Timber Transport

The FCS report on the Economic Contribution of Forestry to Scotland estimates that timber transport creates around 1200 full time jobs and is worth around £50m to the Scottish economy.

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